Wedding planning can be stressful, but it’s all worth it in the end! It requires months of planning, and couples constantly wish it was easier. Well, the good news is modern-day weddings are easier than ever before! With better technology, virtually endless options for venue, food, and wardrobe, and helping hands in every direction, you can relax and celebrate your big day with as little stress as possible. Here are a few traditional wedding trends and how they have changed over the years:


      DIY Everything:

      “Back in the day,” as some would call it, DIY projects weren’t so cute and charming. Since wedding planners, caterers, and decorators weren’t always readily-available, it was up to the couple and the wedding party to make it happen. This meant long hours of cooking, and even longer hours of finding and making the right decor. If you were lucky, someone in your wedding party was crafty enough to assemble cute centerpieces and decor for the venue, and another could cook a great dinner. Some brides, however, struggled to pull it all together.


      Luckily, there are now wedding planners, caterers, and photographers galore to make all your wedding dreams come true! Whether it’s with engagement photography for your save-the-dates or the perfect planner to make sure you get the dancefloor you’ve always dreamed of and a fun food truck outside, it’s all there at your fingertips.



      Buying Wedding Attire:

      One of the most tedious tasks for any couple is going for fitting after fitting for their tuxedo or wedding gown. Not only did many newlyweds purchase their wedding wardrobes, but they also racked up tailoring fees for alterations. For only wearing the garment once, it seems like an awful lot of money, so someone decided to spice things up.


      This is where renting comes in. The best financially-responsible, hassle-free, and trendy look-for-less option these days seems to be renting your attire, especially for formal events. For grooms, some online suit and tuxedo rental companies help you find your fit, and let you try on the outfit at home a few weeks before the event to make sure it’s just right. For brides, companies like Borrowing Magnolia send the dress to your house before your big day and ensure it will require little to no alterations. Think of how much money you can save toward a honeymoon!

      The Sweetheart Table:

      Ah, the sweetheart table… though this is another trend that hasn’t totally died out in the wedding community, it gets some mixed reviews and is being seen less frequently. Though having your own table as a newly married couple it is a great way to get some alone time together, many couples are realizing that it doesn’t allow for much interaction with the many guests who were invited to celebrate the moment.


      Couples are now more likely to opt for a more social alternative to a sweetheart table: a head table. This allows the wedding party and other special guests to sit alongside the couple at the front of the reception area. Don’t know which option to choose? Take a look at some table options, ask friends or those in your wedding party and, most importantly, do what makes you feel most comfortable; it is your big day, after all!


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