As a photographer I am always looking for new places to shoot that are different and offer variety. One day on Instagram I came across these beautiful gardens in PA and I sent it to a friend of mine and said WOW this place would be amazing for a session. Months later Laura and Dominic reached out for their wedding and they mentioned they wanted to do their session at these gardens in PA that they love to visit every year with their family. When they told me the location I was like wait I know this place I have seen it online it looks amazing! Isn’t it weird when things work out like that? While these gardens are 2 hours away from me since it was a special place for them and such a unique  location we settled on having their engagement session there. We had a beautiful day and I would highly recommend paying Longwood Gardens a visit for the day, so beautiful. I am glad  I was able to see it in person, it’s like being in a different country, so amazing. Anywho here are some of my faves 🙂


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