About Me

Behind the Lens
  • Behind the Lens

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to look over my work and for considering me to capture one of your most important days. I’m not great with big paragraph descriptions about myself so here are a few fun facts about me! Hopefully you feel a connection with me and my work and we get a chance to work together.

    • I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend
    • My free time is spent with my husband and my two loves Isabella and Alex. We enjoy joking around, playing board games and dancing around the house like a bunch of cuckoo birds.
    • My dream is to travel all over with my family, especially would love to visit Paris and take in the beauty of that city.
    • I secretly, well maybe not so secretly want to own a Vespa and a silly helmet and zoom down the streets
    • My weakness is sweets. I always leave room for dessert and you will never catch me saying no to a cookie (I mean that is just rude right??)
    • I was born in Colombia, but my family moved to USA when I was a wee 4 years old and currently reside in New Jersey
    • If I could choose anywhere in the world to live I think I would say Paris. I have never been but something about stepping outside and seeing the Eiffel Tower everyday seems pretty sweet.
    • I have a bit of an obsession with instagram so if you do too you can follow me @nadyafurnariphoto

My Shooting Style
  • My Shooting Style

  • On wedding day I go into it with a relaxed approach where I try to be there observing the day and blending in to try and make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. I love joking around with my couples and their family and friends and I feel it really opens them up to me and let's me capture them naturally. I like to make sure my couples trust in me 110% and no less. I do this by really getting to know my couples and making sure I answer all their questions, be there for them when they need assistance and working with them on what will happen on wedding day and after.

    I want to be able to capture those moments you may not get to see or remember about your wedding day. Like your mom holding back her tears while you step into your dress or the little flower girl and ring bearer who have to be bribed to make it down the aisle. I work unobtrusively (sometimes I am called a ninja!) and strive to capture everything in a photo-journalistic fashion, but during your portraits with your family and bridal party I will direct just a bit so that you are not standing there wondering what to do next. I pride myself on working efficiently and using my time wisely throughout your wedding day. I work discreetly to make sure that the attention of everyone is on you and not on what we are doing.

  • Publications

  • I have been fortunate enough to be featured on some awesome wedding blogs. I was also recently nominated to be part of Range Finder Magazines 2013 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in the world. I had the honor of being nominated for this along with 149 other photographers. A big Thank you to my lovely couples who allow me to share their love with the wedding world and truly give me happiness in what I get to capture. I have been so lucky to work with some amazing couples and I always look forward to meeting new people.